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Mobil Serv
Our state-of-the-art Mobil Serv oil analysis program specifically tailored to monitor critical indicators in used oil.

Why do you need to do an analysis

Today, more and more companies are seeking to intensify predictive maintenance practices increasingly depending on oil analysis to ensure equipment reliability and reduce costs. The need for a program to simplify the entire lubrication monitoring process has never been greater.
Mobil Serv™ Lubricants Analysis Guide
Our state-of-the-art Mobil Serv™ Oil Analysis program specifically tailored to monitor critical indicators in used oil based on leading equipment builder specifications and international standards delivers the knowledge you need to better understand the condition of your company’s lubricants and equipment. What’s more, Mobil Serv™ Oil Analysis brings the expertise and resources of ExxonMobil to you in a convenient way: Our technically advanced oil-analysis program includes proprietary capabilities that you can access online.
Mobil Serv program
Mobil Serv™ program can analyze following oils:
- Passenger vehicle oils and Commercial vehicle oils
-  Gear oils
-  Hydraulic oils
-  Circulation oils
-  Gas and steam turbine oils
-  Compressor oils
-  Gas engine oils
-  Heat transfer oils
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